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A unique approach to mental health & well-being

Early intervention, Empowerment & Connection.

Welcome to The Martial Arts Mental Health & Wellbeing Company based in the West Midlands. We are a reliable and experienced Trauma-Informed Mental Health & Well-being Coaching company that specialises in working with women & children through our unique empowering coaching approach using martial arts, early intervention talking therapy & empowering activities.

We support women and children to put healthy coping strategies in place while waiting for CAMHS & GP support or looking for an alternative holistic approach.

We support women & children to make positive life choices for their health & well-being.

We empower women & children to believe in themselves, let go of imposter syndrome and lead a life full of self-worth, self-belief & confidence.

Our programs, group classes and 121 sessions provide support within the following areas;

Domestic violence recovery,

Anxiety and Depression,

Low self-esteem & confidence,



Negative thinking,

Healthy boundaries,


Imposter syndrome,

Balanced diet & exercise for health,

Life coaching,

CBT coaching.

MAMHC Programs

The TYPB program (Take Your Power Back)
A 6-week program to empower women suffering from domestic abuse, and survivors of domestic abuse.
Women age 16 & over.
Martial arts & mindset coaching.

The TYPB (children)
A 6-week program for children who have witnessed domestic abuse.
For ages 6 to 15.
Martial arts & mindset coaching.

The TRIBE program (Trust, Resilience, Inspire, Boundaries, Empowerment)
A 6-week boxing, mental health and well-being program for early intervention, empowerment & connection.

Age 8 & over.

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Support That Makes a Difference

Practicing Martial Arts at Home

Sally D 

My daughter has been attending the Girl Tribe Boxing Mental Health Program with Kerry for over 3 years. I originally signed her up because she was lacking confidence, becoming withdrawn and had a few incidents in school with bullying. Over the past 3 years, I have watched her become a strong & empowered young lady before my eyes. She is self-aware of her thoughts and feelings & has all the tools to manage her mental health & well-being ( something she's not been taught at school) I don't know how we would have got through the lockdown without Kerry's sessions online throughout the pandemic.

She loves coming to Girl Tribe every week! 

Image by Jason Briscoe

Katherine B

I contacted Kerry after my 14-year-old daughter was experiencing anxiety, and bullying and was regularly self-harming. We had been waiting for months for CAMHS to get in touch after our GP referral. Our daughter began having weekly boxing and mental health coaching with Kerry and we noticed a difference within a few weeks our daughter was sleeping better, her self-harm had reduced and she seemed so much lighter. Kerry also supported us with things to put in place at home while we are waiting for extra support. I can't thank Kerry enough for the support, guidance and patience she has shown us.

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Charlene C

Where do I start? 

I've been working towards my goals with Kerry for the last 2 years and haven't looked back. It literally has been a journey. The support and encouragement have been amazing. Kerry has given me the confidence to take my business to the next level, improve my self-love, self-esteem & so much more.

Kerry has been with me every step triumphs and testing times. Not only has my body shape changed but more importantly my mindset. Which is just as if not more important. I've learnt to love myself, (still, a work in progress )

She truly inspires me to be the best version of myself, for myself.

Child Model

Amandeep M

My daughter was born confident, outgoing and loud.  Growing up she started to experience nerves and recently going through a traumatic experience has changed her. As a parent, I thought she was fine and would just move on from this. However, a few months later the trauma was retriggered. She went from a loud, happy bubbly little girl, to a very nervous, anxious and quiet person. She dreaded and feared certain things and it just changed who she was. As a very concerned parent, I reached out to Kerry. Kerry immediately scheduled my daughter for a session. She has helped her work through this trauma. She has made her realise what she is going through and how to deal with it. Kerry helped her control her anxiety and after only two sessions I could see my confident and happy daughter coming back. My daughter is still working with Kerry as she feels she can open up to her and trusts her. All the work Kerry has done with her has paid off, not just with the subject of her trauma but with different situations. I have witnessed her using techniques Kerry has taught her. I am personally very grateful for everything Kerry has done for my daughter and can honestly say I am very lucky to have her helping not only my daughter but also my family, as having our happy girl back is bringing so much joy back into our lives. Thank you, Kerry.