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6-week ACT program (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

6-week ACT program (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)


Introducing the 6-Week ACT Program with the Martial Arts Therapist

**Unlock Your Inner Strength with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)**


Are you ready to handle life's ups and downs with greater flexibility and resilience? Our 6-week ACT program is designed to help you navigate your inner world and face challenges head-on while staying true to yourself.


 What's Included:
- **Structured 6-Week Program**: Delivered through our app, this program guides you through six key territories of your inner landscape.
- **Two 60-Minute Therapy & Coaching Sessions**: Receive personalized support with two one-hour therapy or coaching sessions with a certified Therapist & Coach.
- **Affordable Price**: This transformative program is offered at just £99, providing incredible value worth over £300!


 Weekly Breakdown:

- **Week 1: Watch Your Thinking**: Learn to gently detach from unhelpful thoughts.
- **Week 2: Open Up**: Embrace your feelings without trying to change them.
- **Week 3: Be Here Now**: Stay in the present moment without judgment.
- **Week 4: Pure Awareness**: Discover the real "you" that remains constant through all life's changes.
- **Week 5: Know What Matters**: Identify what truly matters to you.
- **Week 6: Do What It Takes**: Take steps towards your values, even when it's challenging.


 Benefits of ACT:

- **Psychological Flexibility**: ACT helps you become more adaptable in the face of life's challenges, reducing stress and improving overall mental well-being.
- **Emotional Acceptance**: Learn to accept your emotions as they are, reducing the struggle against negative feelings and increasing your emotional resilience.
- **Value-Driven Life**: By focusing on what truly matters to you, ACT empowers you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
- **Mindfulness and Presence**: ACT enhances your ability to stay present and fully engage with your current experiences, promoting a deeper sense of peace and contentment.


 How to Join:
1. **Sign Up**: Click the button below to enroll in the 6-week ACT program.
2. **Download the App**: Gain immediate access to the structured weekly content.
3. **Schedule Your Therapy & Coaching Sessions**: Book your two personalized 60-minute sessions at times that suit you.
4. **Start Your Journey**: Begin your path to greater psychological flexibility and well-being


 Why Choose Our Program?
With the Martial Arts Therapist guiding you, you'll gain direct access to expert support and a proven methodology that has transformed countless lives. This program offers an affordable way to make a profound change in your life, providing tools and strategies that you'll carry with you long after the program ends.

**Sign Up Now and start your journey towards a more flexible, value-driven life today!


    £300.00 Regular Price
    £99.00Sale Price
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